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• Hi how are you? Could you tell us a bit about yourself, location, employment etc.

First of all, thank you for this opportunity. I was born in Albania. Drawing and painting was an activity that I was engaged in at a very early age. I was attracted mostly by nature, drawing animals and birds. That kind of discipline made me pay more attention to details and tinny things. Nature is a great source from which we can learn a lot. I graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana (the capital of my country) where I still live and work in  the most important television of my country. Digital art was beyond my comprehension. I could’nt imagine I would someday paint and model on computer. After graduation I started to learn computer animation, improving 2d-3d skills. It was a whole new world ready to be explored. It is amazing how far technology has progressed and how it can reproduce analog media, pencils, brushes, colors etc. Now my canavas, brushes, all my studio si in my PC.



It was something I couldn’t imagine. I still continue drawing in a traditional style using pencils and other tools, that’s a must for me te be expressive and be in touch with old way of creating things. It sounds nostalgic, but that’s me. I have to admit that knowledge of traditional media helps a lot. It was very inspiring to see other people’s work and to find online resources where artists were meeting and discussing their work. Soon I found my self waving on forums posting and participating in computer graphic competitions with my work. My first competition I participated, was the one I won.

That gave me a lot of encouragment to continue participating and being in touch with many talented people.
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After one year and a half of practicing and learning CG, I started working on a graphic Studio (VGAstudio Top-Channnel) doing concept design, storyboarding, 3D modeling, animation, lighting & rendering, the whole proces of creating commercials and animations for many clients. That kind of discipline took most of my time but gave me the oportunity to learn and experiment with my skills.
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• What inspired you to become a CG Artist?

As I said, I couldn’t imagine that computer will replace paper, brushes and all other media I was used to. It started as curiosity and now it is my primary media of expression. The idea of moving picture, being at the same time the painter, director, fotografer, animator and actor was irresistable. There was so much to explore with this new toy.personal works










• Which software’s you use to create digital art and why?

I first started learning 2d tools like corel and photoshop and needed something te expres my sculpting skills. That was where I found 3dsMax and Maya. Combaining these 2d/3d tools was incredible. For different reasons I chose to work with 3dsMax most of the time. It has a very robust set of tools and it’s quick to finalize what you have in mind. The software continued to grow bigger and better over the years. When I think back to the days I started learning max, it was vary frustrating for me to dial with all the new concepts and tools it has. I experimented with other software too like: Mudbox, Digital Fusion etc. Than it comes the most unique tool I use, Zbrush. It is incredible how harmonisly it combines the arsenal of 2d/3d expressive tools together. Maybe I could have learned only zbrush if it was born at the days I struggled learning all these other softwares. Now in every day work i use photoshop for most of 2d work, 3dsMax & Zbrush for 3d and AfterEffects for compositing. There is a lot of information to dial with, but at the end combining all these tools guarantees good results.


• Can you tell us in detail about your some works or projects?

OK, I’ll talk about one of my recent work I’ve done. It was a commercial work for a client. All started with pencil and paper doing concepts and storyboarding. After that the models were modeled & rigged in max. All the animation and rendering was done in max too. I allways render with layers and different passes. work progress 1That gives me more freedom to play and reach my goal in the final image.








All the passes were composited in AfterEffect. It was a complex project because it made me deal with every step of, modeling, rigging, texturing, dynamics, fur & hair, animation, rendering and compositing at the end. It’s a lot of work for one person only but, keeping in mind the short deadlines and the client presure I’m satisfied.
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• What suggestions and tips would you like to give to our reader?

Well, I always start off with a sketch with just pencil and paper. This means that traditional culture in arts is indispensable. Good knowledge about composition, color, light, volumes ect, are the heart of expressing as a visual artist. The computer graphic field is so large and there are no exact formulas to follow. Beside other studies, one important thing is hard work. Being a professional artist means you need to work hard and the easiest way is to love what you do.
Thank you for your care and consideration.  |  Apr,  2011