Making of 'Bad Dream'


This image is the “first prize winner” of a competition at Simply 3D World site, whose goal was LIGHTENING & Rendering Atmosphere.
As this is a making of article, I’m not gona cover every step of the whole process. I assume you have some basic knowledge in 3D in general, and basic to intermediate level for all the 3ds max users.



•  First, I’ve created my concept sketch and focusing better the idea for that challange.
I wanted to play most with lightening and atmosphere. I put the baby there to give more expression to the whole situation.























•  After I opened photoshop, I imported a screenshot of the UV’s, and started painting the diffuse map. I wanted the skin to be smooth and translucent, so I don’t need to create a bump map for the skin.






•  I’ve created a spot light. I added a Volume light to Atmospheres & Effects rollout.
The shaders played very important role in what I was trying to achive for the skin look. For achieving what I had in mind, I need the light to bounce around to create that soft and warm look I was looking for. I used mental ray render, because it can do Global illuminations & Final Gather calculations. Another important reason for using mental ray was the fact that it supports subsurface scattering effect; very important for creating the soft and translucent effect I was looking for the skin.
Here is a test I’ve done using the ellements mentioned before,(volume light & translucent effect).






•  For achieving the translucence, I recomand everyone to play with these shaders and find its own way to do the SSS effect. It can be achieved interesting looks playing with those parameters.
Mental ray for max comes with different SSS shaders. I chose the SSS Fast material(mi) shader. I’ve started playing with the parameters of this wesome shade offer, trying to get the trenslucent look of the skin. One important fact is the number of samples for this shader. The higher the better, but consider that this slows down the rendering process.






•  In the Overall diffuse coloration, I put the diffuse map created in photoshop before and hit render again to see what is going on.














Hope I’ve been as clear as possible, explaining the way for creating this image. Thank you for the care and patience. Hope to be useful.